At this event you will:

  • – Learn specific exercises and tools for freeing your mind from daily worries, stressors and To Do’s
  • – Practice exercises for quieting your mind and guiding it to a place of peace and serenity
  • – Actively relax your entire body
  • – Share and gather ideas and tools for your serenity toolbox from your peers
  • – Gain clarity on what you want and formulate a plan to take action on YOUR desires
  • – Practice using tools to create a sense of personal peace, purpose and well-being at any time
  • – Learn to create a serene space for yourself anywhere you might be
  • – Increase your network of friends and support
  • – Take home physical tools and prompts to assist in creating space for yourself


November 9, 2019

Welcome to Serenity by the Sea…


This one-day retreat for women (18 years and older) by SeeScape Events is held in a tranquil setting overlooking the surf and sand of Surfside Beach, Texas on Follett’s Island.

Besides unwinding and letting go with a session of guided relaxation, you will spend your morning learning methods for getting yourself into a relaxed state of being more quickly and effectively, while sharing ideas and connecting with women who are looking for the same thing – SERENITY: aka rest, relaxation, freedom, Me time…

Your morning is complemented by an elongated break intended to extend your state of rest, relaxation, Me time…grab some lunch, stroll the beach, take a nap, visit the souvenir shop, connect with new friends…

Following the lunch break, our sessions will focus on boosting your energy, getting reacquainted with yourself and your personal goals, and sharing tools for creating your own Serenity space (think She Sheds/Go Bags/Reading Corner…)

Another elongated break will provide time for dinner, chatting with your new connections, reading, planning, contemplating the day, another nap?, or watching the beautiful colors of the sunset.

Finally, we will wrap up the day with a session of Q&A’s, feedback opportunities, suggestions for future events, and a restful guided relaxation to usher you into the quiet of the night.



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