Developing workforce relational interactions to maximize performance and productivity

As business owners and managers, nonprofit directors, and H.R. trainers we know that we have skill sets at our disposal to accomplish our goals. The trick can be optimizing the human interaction which propels these skill sets to successful implementation.

We at LCD specialize in training all levels of your organization to effectively integrate the human component into full utilization, including:  Individual Awareness • Engaging your Workforce • Team Mobilization • Effective Communication & Problem-Solving Skills • Management & Leadership


Classroom Instruction
Hands-on Workshops
Step-by-step Action Plans
Facilitated Group/Peer Discussions
Video Scenarios
Individual Coaching
Take-Home Toolbox:
Personal Assessment Profile
Team/Workplace Interaction Guide

Where We Do It

Your location.

Your Facilitator

Cheri’ Lucas

B.A. in Psycholgy

Certified Master Life Coach

Who Will Benefit

Management • Workforce • Employers
Professional Associations
Camp Staff & Sr. Campers
Church Staff & Leaders
Sr. High Youth Groups
Civic Organizations • Leadership Programs
H.R. Trainers • Individuals
Groups of Any Size • Families
Non-Profits • Corporations • Schools

Why We Do It

To Increase Your Bottom Line.

Building Blocks

How We Do It

Increased Self-Awareness
Insight into Others (strengths, challenges,       motivators)
Effective Communication
Effective Teamwork
Optimized Individual & Team Performance       & Productivity
Increased Individual Satisfaction
Creation of a Healthy Work Environment
Decreased Turnover
Decreased Stress Level
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Increased Growth & Upward Mobility
Increased Problem-Solving & Conflict Resolution Skills