Living By Design

Are you ready for Coaching by Design?  Are you ready to figure out who you are?  Get clear on what you really want?  Clarify what’s most important to you?  DIscover your purpose?  Ignite your passion?  Move forward?  Design a life that you love?

Are you willing?  Willing to do whatever it takes?  Face your fears?  Take a leap of faith?

If your answer is Yes, you can absolutely CHANGE your life and DESIGN it to be whatever you want it to be!  I will help you!

Coaching By Design means you have the expert tools, guidance, support and ‘know how’ to move forward into a life you design…you can live by design with happiness, peace, security, connection, and even bliss!  You can create a successful life by your own definition;  you can make your own rules!!!

Living by Design testimonials…this could be You!

I’ll teach you how!

Why put off loving your life?

Get started right away with Coaching by Design!

Getting Started

Whether you’re looking to dig deep with intensity and fervor for fast results, continue ongoing learning and growth, tap into support and guidance, or need help figuring out which end is up, there are customized solutions available to you.

A preliminary, complimentary assessment session will determine which options are best for you:  1-1 coaching, group coaching, workshops or classes.

All coaching sessions are confidential and specific to you.  No previous experience or counseling is necessary.

What is necessary is willingness to accept change.  In order to change things in your life you have to be willing to make changes.

Please read the testimonials section of this website to get a feel for Coach Cheri’ s coaching environment and results.

Contact Coach Cheri’ to schedule an opportunity to speak with her directly, learn more about her, and to determine how to go about living your life By Design.