Testimonials from clients:

I as many others have had the good fortune to have been coached by Cheri. It was during this coaching that Cheri’s incredible insight and knowledge drew out what was required for me to release in order to move forward to the fruitful life that was awaiting me. Cheri is a fountain of joy. She is friendly, fun, pure loving and generous. Her wonderful personality and unique tendency to see another’s infinite possibilities is evident, and beams through, even as far as Australia.

Termina Ashton, The Happiness Mentor

“Seven years ago my life was changed because I met an amazing woman and Life CoachCheri’ used her exceptional coaching talents to help me begin to heal from a situation that began 50 years earlier.  Her strength, compassion and intuition helped me put the pain and fears that I had been carrying with me all those years behind me.  The work she did with me began the healing process and as a result I was able to overcome fibromyalgia and reclaim my life.  I will forever be grateful to this amazing lady and her coaching abilities.  I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to change your life in ways you can only imagine.

Marilyn Harpin

Cheri is a very detail oriented person. She specializes in helping organizations get the most out of each person within. She does it in a way that makes it a better workplace for all!

– Loma Cox,President,Merchant Service Solutions, LLC

Cheri helped our branch team to identify areas that we (myself and 2 branch assistants) are alike and areas where we see things differently. This basic understanding has been essential in creating a positive working environment. I would credit this understanding, in part, with helping us to attain many of our year’s goals ahead of schedule–even being named to the “Drucker 100 Conference” among the top 56 branch offices for productivity and client service excellence by our firm in 2012. By understanding how to better communicate with each other, we can go farther and do more to help our clients reach their long term financial goals.

– Bryon Mein, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments, Kerrville, TX 


“During your class, I experienced a break thru. I realized how stuffing it was not a good thing. Especially in a work place. It can allow resentment to fester. It also prevents bridge building and understanding. I learned how to strip away emotionally charged words so I can communicate in a manner that I can be heard.

I got to put it into practice at work. During a staff meeting, I felt like my boss crossed a line. Some things occurred that were beyond my control and he had forgotten that he had directed me to handle.

So I decided it was time to take the plunge and trust my boss to hear me. Instead of stuffing it, I waited for a later time when I could calmly discuss what happened with him outside of a staff meeting. To my pleasant surprise, he heard me and owned his mistake. It was a break through.

– Ann


It’s a bit challenging to put into words what my coaching experience with Cherí has been like, because the depth with which we have gone during a couple of calls has been at a level even I could not have imagined. Cherí quickly identified the root cause of an issue and subsequently helped blow it out in short order. Then we did it again on the next call with a different, but related, block, the culmination of which has been physical and emotional distress, some of which I have been experiencing for decades.

The changes I’ve been experiencing since that time are nothing less than amazing, and I don’t use that word lightly. For the first time in my adult life (49 yrs.), I am more confident in my ability to “face my demons” head on and to remove those blocks towards a truly abundant life. There is still, and always will be, work do to as I mature throughout my life, but I now have the confidence that it can and will be handled. To top it off, Cherí handled the calls with the utmost respect, love and compassion that any person could ever want and that we all really deserve. Big hugs, Cherí, BIG hugs. I am so lucky and blessed that Cherí Lucas does the work she does, and you will be too. Believe me. (It should be noted that I have never met Cherí in person, nor did I even know she existed until a few short months ago, a true testimonial to her awesome abilities as a coach!)


– Dean Maser, Minnesota, USA, deanpmaser@gmail.com
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I’d like to approach this from a former cynic’s point of view.  When I first started this class there were many exercises that were way outside of my comfort zone.  Coming from a very conservative background I was skeptical.  Since Cheri’ had given me such great advice in the past, I decided to put away my prejudices and just give it a try.  WOW!  This really works!  The positive energy I received from her and the other people in my classes helped me to overcome the attitudes and fears that were holding me back.  I am happier and more successful now in my personal and professional life.  Thank you Cheri’ for all you’ve done.  I know that anyone who keeps an open mind will benefit dramatically from these classes.

– Danny Bennett


Who knew that a chance encounter with Cheri would be a turning point in my life. Talking to this bright, beautiful being made me feel so “up!” that I wanted to know her secret.  When she told me she was a life coach, I was very intrigued and set up an appointment.  Cheri has worked with me over the past few months to clear a lot of “garbage thinking” that was dragging me down into some pretty negative beliefs.  She has help fill me up with life affirming thought patterns and beliefs.  She’s given me some great tools to work with that I use every day.  With her help, I know that nothing will get me down for long and that all things are possible.  I look forward to our next session!  Thank you so much, Cheri!

– Sharon Shuppert, L.Ac., M.S., Dipl. OM, The Phoenix & Dragon, 1203 E. 7th St., Austin, TX 78702, 512-659-3226, https://www.phoenixanddragon.net


I attended a class with Cheri’ to learn some new coaching techniques to add to my resume.  As a teacher, Cheri’ made me feel very supported and secure with her firm yet gentle and encouraging approach to coaching.  I felt safe to make mistakes while she guided me through practicing the new coaching techniques.  Her corrections and feedback were always right on target.  I feel that I am a much better coach since my class with Cheri’.  She also made me feel like if she can do it, so can I.

I would take another class with Cheri’, and I would highly recommend her as a very professional and competent coach and teacher to other students and clients.

– Lynn Backemeyer, Shaman Energy Medicine Practitioner, Teacher & Coach, Indianapolis, Indiana


I took a class with Cheri at the beginning of the year and I was extremely pleased with her performance. She was very personable and attentive to my needs. She was always very prepared and thorough. She guided me through the coaching program and exercises and helped me reach my full potential.

Overall, her coaching helped me overcome my inner negativity, embrace the confidence to pursue my own dreams and get excited about life. I now run my own business, and I feel very confident in my ability to succeed. I feel very grateful for that.

Coaching Linguistique / Développement Personnel / English <> French Translations  www.destinycartesfrancais.com

– Nico OTTAVI, Paris, France:


I’ve been meaning to write this [testimonial] for a while so here it is! Cheri’ is running a class call The Secret to Synergizing Success and it is a fabulous class!! I highly recommend you take this dive into understanding how you work and the others in life work so you can flow more effortlessly through your daily interactions and coach more effectively too! It is a deeper dive…. doing any coaching with Cheri is bound to be fabulous!! Love her!!

Melinda Baxter

Cheri is awesome!

Annelise Woitulewicz

Yes, she is very intuitive and excellent foresight I love her .. yaay Cheri’ Lucas

Lee Simmons

Loved! Loved! Loved our Secrets to Synergizing Success class for the new skill-set and understanding of not only myself and others but with how to utilize peoples motivators to really strengthen, create and enhance communication. Cheri’ Lucas is a Master at integrating the new information and stretching us in how we can use it in everyday life! I chose to focus on a relationship that needed a lot of healing with my son and it is no surprise to me…but through the tools, focus and the work that I did, I am so happy and grateful to report that we went from a 5% relationship to what I would rate today as 85%!!! We now communicate, can love and have literally turned it 180 degrees so that we can move towards the future in love and light. Words cannot express how thankful I am and would recommend this class for everyone! We all have a relationship or relationships worth working on…give yourself this gift!

Kim Burger

Based on my experience as a member of her coaching class, I consider Cheri to be at the top of her field as a life coach!  I was especially impressed by her instinctive way of knowing just when to praise, when to support AND equally, when to challenge.  Overall, my time spent with her was a valuable part of the life-long process of learning.

With gratitude,

– Paul S. Koumrian

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cheri on several community projects. Cheri’s facilitation of meetings is masterful. She has the insight to allow all participants the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas while maintaining an orderly and well organized meeting. Her ability to work with all personality types is one of her many strengths.

– Linda Somerville, Past Co-Chair of Leadership Kerr County

Thank you Cheri’ for being you!

Today I’ve been thinking about you.  My cup over-flows with gratitude for you. You have amazing gifts; and have made such a difference in my life because of your willingness to share your gifts.

I will be forever grateful for the example of kind, nonjudgmental Christ like love that you are to many. That has aided me in recognizing a weakness of being judgmental and given me hope to trade it up for a strength.

I appreciate the example you are of being a confident,independent woman. It motivates and gives me faith that I too can become confident and independent.

I so need in my life right now the combination of all of your gifts. It amazes me that they can all be found in one woman.

Your example of grieving and being able to continue teaching our class has given me strength, hope and determination. The conversation we had about grief has made a huge difference in how I’m managing my grief. Your powerful intuition is more than a blessing to me.

I so want to develop myself so I can serve others as you do.

Thanks for all you do to be you!
Love you bunches.


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